Compact design - smaller ROW, lower in height


The Needle is about a third lower in height and quicker to build. Prefabricated in spun concrete it can be assembled by a team of five people in a day. 

At BYSTRUP, we continuously strive to optimize our designs. One of the ways we do that, is by investigating all parts of the pylon, to look for ways to make the pylons more compact. 

The Needle has a minimal footprint and ROW (Right Of Way) compared to the traditional steel lattice pylon. It is also faster to build. Prefabricated in spun concrete or bolt-together sections in steel, it can be assembled by a small team in less than a day, compared to the nine people working for five days required for the original design.

By using spun concrete it is possible to produce and install the total pylon in one piece. It takes a few hours to drill a hole, whereafter the pylon is directly embedded. This method has been used in the US for 345 kV and 500kV produced and installed by Valmont who is one of the market leaders in the US.

Main specs for BYSTRUP Needle Pylon:
Power: 2 x 400kV
Height: 38 metres
Units/km: 3  (5 units/mile)
Material: Spun concrete / Composite insulators
Outline: Minimal footprint / use of land / ROW
Assembly: On-site and quick / one piece
Installation: Directly embedded
Manufacturing: Production possible anywhere in the world

Increasing the compactness of transmission towers - from the  standard lattice tower to the T-Pylon and the Composite Pylon

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