Easy production & transportation

A BYSTRUP pylon is made only of a few parts which makes it easy to produce anywhere in the world and easy to transport and assemble on-site. In addition, the simple design of the pylons reduces production time and simplifies maintenance. 
Traditionally, pylons parts were expensive and labour rather cheap. Today the situation is reversed, parts are comparatively cheap and labour is expensive. With this in mind, we have moved the major part of production to the factory and simplified on-site operations.

Every aspect of our pylons follows the Scandinavian functional design tradition of 'less is more' - the number of components in a pylon is reduced considerably, allowing for easier and quicker assembly and erection.

The real challenge is to create a power pylon that beats the lattice tower on any parameter.

- Henrik Skouboe, Director, Global Projects.


Our pylons employ the latest manufacturing techniques. The use of automatic welding robots, casting techniques and advanced joints, make it possible to significantly reduce the overall cost and production time of a pylon.

Depending on the type of pylon and the manufacturing process, the entire structure can be subdivided into a defined number of parts. Cast elements can be welded to cross arms and the shaft can either be slip jointed or bolted together. The height of a pylon is typically determined according to the routing of the line through the landscape.
By using new pylon design it is possible to install the pylon / shaft directly on top of the foundation or the lowest part of the shaft by helicopter. 
The deployment of helicopters for surveillance and maintenance of electrical transmission grids provides multiple advantages. This includes the ability to visually inspect approximately 300 km of power lines daily, a quick-reaction capability in detecting and evaluating failure or problems, and the ability to reach difficult or inaccessible areas.


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