Flexible design - able to handle every deviation in the line

In a perfect world, electricity transmission lines would run as straight as possible. However natural barriers such as hills, rivers and roads have to be circumvented or crossed. Land rights issues also often require a route to turn a corner. This places a lot of lateral strain to the side of a pylon in the direction of the turn. 

Therefore the suspension design needs to be supplemented so pylons can resist being pulled to one side. Similarly, a pylon at the end of a route has to be stronger than those which form the rest of the route because of the extra force it must resist.

With our new power pylons it is not just a single design that is optimized. The whole line is taken into consideration and every function of the single pylon is incorporated into a consistent overall design. The result is a family of towers that are able to deviate according to the specific route and corridor.


Eagle Pylon, Suspension Tower, 0 ° deviation

The overall result is a line where the towers look alike whilst performing different functions – they maintain the common language of the design family. This principle is successfully applied to lines installed in Denmark and the United Kingdom.
  • Able to transport AC or DC.
  • Capable of carrying any HV current.
  • Pylons potentially with or without a shield wire/earth wire.
  • Designed to conform to any relevant client requirements.

Eagle Pylon, Flying Angle Tower, 0-10 ° deviation


Eagle Pylon, the Tension Tower, 0-18 ° deviation


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