Longer lifespan


BYSTRUP power pylons are made to last for 80 years, requiring no routine maintenance. We are quite aware that this is an ambitious goal. Nonetheless, it clearly states our dedication and intent to creating power pylons of the future.


Materials: An integrated part of construction

For a number of years, BYSTRUP has been building a data bank on new materials, their characteristics and resistance in various environments.

This knowledge, combined with advanced design, allows for a symbiosis between form and material that is of utmost importance in selecting the optimal material for new pylons.

Choosing materials with longer lifespans reduces the overall cost of a power line. It limits the environmental impact of production and of the disposal of materials.

When selecting materials for a specific transmission line it is essential to consider the local terrain and climatic conditions. Materials used must be appropriate to their environment and allow for feasible construction methods.

At BYSTRUP we focus on materials with high corrosion resistance and low degradation to prolong lifespan. 

These key attributes are offered by the following materials:
  • Hot-Dip Galvanised Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Weathering Steel
  • Concrete
  • Composite Material

From a sustainability point of view, metals in their purest form are preferable, especially those with a long lifespan as well as colours and textures that blend well into the natural environment. 

In collaboration with the client, the best application of the material is ensured for each case. Transportation, maintenance, and energy savings can be maximised through the optimal material choice, whilst also providing the best possible aesthetic solution.


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