Minimal footprint with a monopile foundation



The foundation is a critical structural component of the power pylon. Any overhead line foundation solution must be robust enough to last the lifetime of the pylon, be capable of quick installation, and minimise land use.


Foundations for offshore windmills are typically made with monopiles driven into the seabed. Similarly, foundations for pylons on land can be provided by a hollow steel tubular section hammered into the ground.

A monopile foundation footprint is very small compared to a concrete plate foundation. The environmental impact -noise, possible site contamination and temporary works - is subsequently smaller, and due to very limited excavation, ground water problems are practically eliminated. 

Traditionally, lattice towers consist of four legs that take up several square meters; more than 64m2 in places (8x8m). This is often a problem when the landowner has to optimize land use for farming under and around the pylon. Using new monopole towers, the footprint is minimized to less than 3m2 (Ø1.5m).

A pylon this size is often able to be placed at the boundary between farmers’ fields and therefore makes no disturbance to the use of land. Due to the significantly smaller footprint, compensation and the environmental impact on the flora and fauna is remarkably reduced.

For installation, a steel monopile is delivered to site, where a crane places it upright in the driving position on the ground’s surface.

The pile gripper holds the monopile in place whilst a crane lifts a driving hammer onto the top of the monopile. The hammer then drives the monopile into the ground.

The hammer can achieve full foundation installation in under an hour, depending on ground conditions. 

Using this solution, total installation time including set-up of a full strength monopile foundation is approximately two to three days, compared to the 28 days it would take for the concrete solution to reach the strength required for pylon erection.


By using monopile foundations for the Eagle Pylon, Energinet saved 6,500€ on each foundation 

- Sebastian Dollerup, Head of Power Lines,




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