Simple maintenance - fewer procedures, faster to carry out



In general, BYSTRUP power pylons are built of fewer than ten parts. With the new and simple designs, maintenance has been made simple as well. By thinking maintenance into the design phase, procedures are now reduced and faster to carry out, while also using fewer tools in the process. 

Maintenance from an MEWP
BYSTRUP pylon designs are able to undergo maintenance from a “cherry picker” (or MEWP/ Mobile Elevated Working Platform) designed to give safe access for the work crew. The boom of the MEWP can either be non-insulated for work on a “switched-off ” system or insulated to withstand high voltage in compliance with our plans for future work on live wires.

A raised platform allows maintenance crews to work alongside the area they need to access. This saves time climbing up and down and raises health and safety standards compared to traditional modes of operation.
The MEWP approach is considerably quicker and allows attaching trolleys that run along the wires, rather than suspending a platform next to the work area.


If necessary it is possible to install temporary systems allowing climbing for inspection or maintenance. The system can be applied irrespective of the towers, pylons, masts, poles function, its building material and the arrangement of the conductor cable. 
The system offers its user multiple safety features through a firmly fixed connection to a rail. The connection of the climbing devices to the rail ensures to climb safely whilst making missteps or falls nearly impossible. The rail can solely be climbed by using a climbing device and therefore prevents any unauthorized access.

Re-painting in two days
New maintenance procedures among other things include the possibility of doing maintenance from a mobile lift - including re-painting. On the new tower types it takes max. 2 days for 2 people to repaint the whole tower. On the lattice tower, it takes several people up to a week and uses more than twice the paint of a conventional structure.


When I first started working on these projects, I was skeptical about the use of new pylon designs, but after several years of testing and training, I realize that new pylon types require far less routine maintenance which in turn saves time and money.”

- Simon Neve, Managing Director, Transmission & Distribution Innovations


No anti-climbing devices needed
New pylon types are inaccessible due to the monopole shaft, which means you save all anti-climbing devices at the bottom of the lattice towers. The anti-climbing installation is the first item to corrode and require replacement often as frequent as every ten years on thousands of towers just in the UK. This operation in itself provides many hazards and safety issues as accessing these parts of the tower are very difficult particularly whilst handling a very aggressive barbed wire which has to be installed within very prescriptive guidelines


Short list of procedures and tools
We listed all the procedures we have for the lattice towers and compared it to the newly compiled list of procedures for the design pylons. The result was stunning. A large proportion of the procedures for the lattice towers are not necessary for the new pylon type. "We discovered that thinking and designing maintenance features into the design phase resulted in only a few easy handling tools, to change every part necessary" says Simon Neve. 



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