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Global Partners

To provide an even better service to our international clients and partners, BYSTRUP has formed strategic partnerships with a range of partners around the world. 


The intention behind our partnerships is to benefit from each others network and expertise in the global markets with respect to energy infrastructure. 


If you are interested in partnering with us, feel free to take contact for further dialogue via


To see the T-Pylon becoming a reality, just 20 months after winning the competition, is a fantastic achievement for 
BYSTRUP and National Grid.

In the T-Pylon we have a design that is shorter, lighter and the simplicity of the design means it fits into the landscape more easily. 

Christian Jensen 

Executive Project Manager 


By rethinking the design and the general approach to overhead lines, it has proven possible to get positive feedback.

Edward Davey

UK Secretary of State

Energy & Climate

Nick Winser 

Executive Director

 Nationalgrid UK



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