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Power:2 x 400 kV

Height:35 metres / 114 feet

Units/km:3  (5 units/mile)

Material:Hot-dip galvanised steel

Installation: monopile- or concrete foundation

To be installed Endrup-Idomlund, 155km, Denmark 2022

As proven in previous projects, involving stakeholders is important to project success. For this reason, both the tubular and lattice versions has become a part of the toolbox for future OHL projects, as it is then possible to base the choice of pylon on feedback from stakeholders. The design has already been shown during pre-meetings with municipalities an during public meetings as they were proposed on a new OHL project on the west coast of Denmark. During these meetings there has generally been a positive attitude towards the Thor design concept compared to the alternatives and especially the lattice version has had positive comments.


The response together with the estimated cost has been the deciding factors of Energinet choosing to continue working on the Thor lattice tower as the tower to be established on the upcoming new OHL from the German border to Endrup and continuing all the way up to Idomlund, a total OHL length of approximately 150 km.

See detailed map:

Full scale prototype, successfully tested. Photo: Valmont SM
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Tubular, v-insulator


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