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Power:400 kV

Height:32.5 meters x 34.5 meters

Material: Stainless steel, lattice structure

Developed for Statnett, Norway 

Year: 2008

The competition to design Statnett’s first sculpture pylon was won by BYSTRUP with their Mirror Wall design. The Mirror Wall is an innovative and exciting proposition which is both integrated into and stands apart from the landscape. The pylon was designed to be placed at Heia in Tromsø as part of Statnett’s planned 420 kV line between Ofoten and Balsfjord. 

According to the jury’s assessment, the sculpture pylon measuring 34.5 metres in height and 32.5 metres in width stands as an illustration of the beautiful landscape at Heia. 

"The Mirror Wall is new an different, yet in harmony with the environment and the scenic location"

 - Håkan Borgen, Executive Vice President, Statnett

Mirror Wall is constructed of a simple steel lattice structure. The framework is covered with panels of reflecting stainless steel with hidden fittings to give the desired reflection of the landscape. 

It is a testimony to nature being a sensation in itself at this particular place. The Mirror Wall does not interfere with the vision of nature, but will serve as a reflection to the many that come here to hike.


The Mirror Wall is both new and different yet in harmony with the environment and the scenic location. Old and new is synchronised in a single archaic form; the reflecting square. 


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