Power: 2x400 kV

Height: 22.5 metres / 74 feet

Units/km: 4 (6 units/mile)

Material: composite material

Outline: cylindrical shaft and cross-arms

Installation: monopile foundation

Status: under development

After years of developing power pylons, the R&D team at BYSTRUP has challenged the traditional mindset of materials used in the industry.  

We are developing a radically new power pylon, made from glass fibre composite material. Using this new material, it will be possible to integrate the insulators in the cross-arms, thereby reducing the height of the pylon significantly. The pylon will be able to carry 2x400kV or more. The shaft is fitted to a monopile that is rammed into the ground.

In 2019, the concept received funding from the EU to be produced, installed and tested as part of the European Fast Track to Innovation program - see the full program and details here:

"The Composite Pylon is significantly smaller due to the integration of the insulators in the cross arms"

- Sebastian Dollerup, Head of Power Lines, Energinet

The pylon can be assembled on-site and erected in a single day. The new material will also make it possible to apply different geometries which will alter the way the pylon appears in the landscape. 


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