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  • Mette Mikkelsen

Nationalgrid showcase T-pylons in their "handbook"

Electricity pylons (or towers) have been part of the British landscape for almost 100 years, but how much do you really know about them? Here we bring you 12 facts you never knew about these iconic steel structures.

T-pylons, the first new design for UK pylons in over 100 years, are under construction now.

This new shorter, sleeker pylon design was chosen from 250 entries in an international competition organised by National Grid, the UK Government and the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2011.

The winning T-shaped pylon comes from Danish firm Bystrup and measures 114ft (35 metres) tall. It’s about 50ft shorter than the traditional steel lattice structure, but can still transmit 400,000 volts.

The first operational T-pylons will bring low-carbon energy along a 35-mile route from Hinkley Point C power station to six million UK homes and businesses in the South West.

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